The Garage

A look inside Cotton Owens' Garage, as it appeared circa 2014.

This garage shown above (1961) was actually the second one on Cotton's family property on White Avenue. It was a one-bay garage that was later expanded to a second bay in the 1950s when he raced Pontiacs. The very first garage (not shown) was also on his family's property but was razed when this garage was built.

Shown above, the garage on the right is the expanded two-bay garage on Cotton's property behind his home. This garage was built circa 1953-54 until he eventually built a larger 20,000 sf garage (not shown) immediately behind this one in 1962-63 when he signed with Dodge as a factory team. The blue metal building to the left was later added in the 1970s as he progressed out of racing. That building was used to build and maintain his grandsons' race cars during the 1990s.

This storage building was built in 1963-64 behind Cotton's house on White Avenue. Behind it he kept a pack of German Shepherds that patrolled his property and served to keep the peace. There was perpetually a dog named "Lady" which was unquestionably his favorite.